8 Things Not to Talk About on a First Date. Ever

The candlelight is flickering and the person across the table is looking at you flirtatiously…the wine’s been flowing and conversation has been totally natural. First dates come in a variety of forms and whether you’re having the time of your life.

First Date Fun: 4 Unique Ideas for Your First Date

A first date is not an easy business. This is the one chance you have to show your date who you are and develop the kind of chemistry that leads to a longer relationship. While the cliché “dinner and a movie” option rarely fails, it also fails to impress.

Impress Your Lady Without Being Left Out Of Pocket

Want ideas on how to impress your new lady without being left out of pocket? Do you think a first date shouldn’t cost the Earth, but want to make an impression? Don’t worry guys, I have the answer… Taking your girl to the cinema is a classic first date!

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8 Things Not to Talk About on a First Date, Ever

The candlelight is flickering and the person across the table…

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