4 Unique Ideas for Your First Date

A first date is not an easy business. This is the one chance you have to show your date who you are and develop the kind of chemistry that leads to a longer relationship. While the cliché “dinner and a movie” option rarely fails, it also fails to impress. Setting yourself apart from the crowd takes originality and an active spirit. Try some of these date ideas for unique, active first date experiences that will have them coming back for more.

Couple Study

Get Out In The Fresh Air

While the latest Hollywood feature may be just fine to waste a few hours, it is not a suitable place to explore and build a budding relationship. Instead of staring at a screen for hours, try staring at the sunset together. Go out into the country for a hike, enjoy an evening bonfire, or some stargazing. Be sure to create a backup plan in case of inclement weather. But, make sure the contingency is just as much fun as the original plan. Being alone together with nature will not only create a romantic mood, it will give the two of you time to get to know each other. Besides, who doesn’t fancy a meal under the open sky?



Go Riding Together

There are loads of options for the budding daredevil. Try a driving adventure and slip into a new ride. Channel your inner James Bond by taking your date for a spin in an Aston Martin, or pay homage to Monty with a romp through the country in a tank. For those on a stricter budget, have a go on a Quad Bike for a mud bath or stroll through the hills on a Segway. Look around, you should find a suitable provider in your area. Having an adventure together will give you a spectacular foundation for your relationship. The adrenaline rush takes the pressure off you and makes sure your date won’t forget the time you spent together.

 Create A Musical Masterpiece


Couple Play GuitarFor the artistically inclined, making something together is a sure way to create a unique impression. While that could mean buying a canvas and paint for an evening splashing color on the wall (and each other), plenty of other creative endeavor would be just as special. A bit of shared cookery or a few hours of musical collaboration are just as memorable as a couple’s painting session. Making something creative shows your date a lot about who you are. Art is an expression of the artist. That makes it a perfect way to show them who you really are and get a glimpse inside your date’s soul.

Be Active

The key to all these ideas is action. Too many dates are passive experiences in a restaurant or a cinema. These dates don’t give couples the option of really sharing who they are, and are easily forgotten as “just another first date.” Action creates memories and opportunities for more dates in case you hit it off. Even if things don’t work out, you will have had a load of fun doing something unique and exciting.

One of the best ways to make an impression on the first date is to take your partner to the race track. You both get the opportunity of driving super cars on a professional motor racing circuit.  If you are a good driver you can show off your talent in front of your date.