When I Realized Something Was Missing

    My Girlfriend and My Daughter

    A Five Step Plan for Getting Over that Man

    If you’ve just been dumped and you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to revive your confidence then check out this five-step-plan that’s just for you.

    What Your Parents’ Relationship Says About Your Future Relationship

    If your parents relationship was doomed does that mean yours will be too? Or vice versa? You might be surprised.

    Are You Really Ready to Commit?

    Questions to ask yourself before you take the next step and commit

    We All Need Kindred Spirits

    How To Survive Being Cheated On

    Top 5 Breakup Songs for Women

    Going through a heartbreak can take a serious toll on you, especially when it’s your first love or someone who you were in a relationship with for a long time. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the hurt and pain of a breakup, whether you choose to be angry, depressed or just don’t […]

    He Got Her Parents’ Approval with a Movie

    This story is about a couple named John and Stephanie and they met through a very popular website called YouTube. They both loved making videos and they both started to watch each other’s videos without the other person ever knowing. They both started to become big “fans” of each other without ever knowing that the […]

    Bringing My Girlfriend Home for the Holidays

    Whether you’ve been dating for almost a year or just don’t want to spend the weekend alone with your crazy family, bringing your girlfriend home for the holidays has its perks. But after the invite, what are you supposed to do? Especially if she’s never met your family before, you can’t just show up unprepared […]

    Was I Wrong not Knowing My Wife was Gay

    Our client was a man married for 12 years with an 8 year old daughter. Their marriage had always been a happy one. He was kind and generous and had no reason to suspect that his wife would ever want to leave him or want to be with anybody else. Sex was good and they […]

    The Secret to an Amazing Proposal is All in the Story!

    Have you ever wondered why some guys seem to have a knack for romance while other guys are…well, they look sort of like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Jane Austen movie?  Yes, perhaps you consider yourself one of those guys—funny, hardworking and devoted but without a natural “flare” for grand romantic gestures. You may even be […]

    7 Romantic Comedies to Rent on Date Night

    Sometimes there is nothing better than to cuddle up and watch a movie at home on date night. Unfortunately choosing a movie that both you and your date will enjoy is often a difficult task. The following list highlights, in no particular order, 7 entertaining romantic comedies that are sure to please both you and […]

    Couple Study

    Girlfriend and Study, How to Balance Them?

    As it normally happens, a stunningly beautiful girl has just enrolled in your college and you can’t let that opportunity to be her one and only pass by. Or you can’t just resist the allure of falling in love with one of your school mates. Problem is that the educational schedule gives little room to […]

    Cultural Considerations for Relationships

    In today’s diverse world, seeing interracial couples and children of mixed heritage is hardly anything new. From celebrities to politicians in the news, many public figures have shown the world that colour is no longer an issue. Closer to home, you’ve likely had friends, family members, neighbours or colleagues who have partners of a different […]


    Handling a Break Up During Pregnancy

    Many women choose to be single mothers because they are ready to raise a child but have not yet found the man with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives. Others are not so fortunate, however, and find themselves single after getting pregnant by the man they considered to be a soul […]


    Make Use of Routine to Keep Your Relationship Fun

    For most couples, spending time together is one of their top most priorities as they seek to grow their relationship from one level to another. The activities that they get involved in as a way of spending time together vary from one couple to another, but most times there is some bit of fun involved. […]

    How to Fine Tune your Online Dating Messages

    Having an online dating profile has become very popular these days. People access their bank statements online, rent videos online, and now can find love online. However, if you’re new to online dating you likely have a few questions, such as “How can I stand out?” or “How can I get a response from a […]

    5 Signs That She Is not Good Wife Material

    With so many reports about infidelity, jealousy, two-timing husbands or cheating wives, it’s surprising that people still want to get married. Love surely does overshadow negativity. But still, every man who wants a good wife must be extra careful when choosing a partner. Divorce is expensive and, at times, controversial. In addition to that, a […]

    Is Marriage Still Important?

    In these modern times it seems that the concept of marriage is becoming rather old fashioned. We live in a fast paced world of disposable commodities and instant solutions which seems to be contrary to working at a long term relationship and then you have the modern society’s relationship with the church and religion. So […]

    Missing Link in Your Recovery

    Until my last year in school, he had been one of the leading figures in our society; he was one of the young men that we looked up to for inspiration given what he had achieved at such a young age. But suddenly, misfortunes started stalking him in quick succession. First he lost his job […]


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