Narcissist Checklist

    Anonymous says: June 18, 2009 at 10:59 am My responses to several of the traits are based on a marriage to a Narcissist for 15 years. 1. Many famous people are narcissists, but not all narcissists succeed. Some narcissists just want to be successful in their parent’s eyes. Some narcissists are just trying to fill […]

    Are All Leaders Narcissistic?

    Most people are in some way narcissistic, but the “narcissists” we are discussing here are those whose narcissism has grown to such an extent that it severely affects the people around them. There’s a theory out there that says that most well-known successful people are narcissists, but I have a different view. In that theory, […]

    Narcissists – Poor Losers Every Time

    We all make mistakes, don’t we? But with a narcissist (I will try to use more “a narcissist” instead of “narcissists”, because obviously “one” is way enough), you should never make a mistake. It sounds good in some way in that, with such a narcissist, you will be or at least close to the perfect […]

    Admiration – The Essential Fuel a Narcissist Needs

    Narcissists are not only successful in their way; they also need to constantly convince others that they are the best, the smartest, the most talented, and they never tire of doing so. If it means they must devalue others, then they devalue.   It’s something they cannot live without. It’s also something others can’t really […]

    Narcissists – Successful by their Own Criteria

    Not every successful person is a narcissist but most narcissists are successful. It helps you notice in case you encounter one before you are attracted to him and fall in love. Even if they are too young to be recognized as successful, they are more successful than others in the same age bracket. There are […]

    I Have to Make the Move All the Time

    I have a boyfriend that is pretty shy..I can say..he is always shy to even talk to me at school…ppl do know we are going out and all…but it’s like I have to make the move all the time you know??…what do you think I should do?? Should I break up with him? How can […]

    She Loves my Personality but not How I Looked

    Ok here is the deal. I love my girlfriend a lot. We’ve been together a year. She told me today, that when she first saw a picture of me (we met thru a friend) she thought I wasn’t that great looking, that I had a great body but not face. Then after she met me […]

    How to Get Past All the Hurt

    Tell me how do you get past all the hurt and sorrow of a relationship gone bad. The reasons why it had to end weren’t your doing. It was the other that did wrong. Why is it I long to forgive, wishing things would miraculously change, knowing deep inside it was never meant to be […]

    Should I call her

    Okay on Monday I went to best buy to get some CDs. As I was walking in I saw one of my brothers old friends(He doesn’t talk to her because he has a girl friend now and she is mad about that)I’ve had a crush on her for quite sometime. So I decided that I […]

    Boyfriend vs Parents

    I love my boyfriend to death we’ve been together almost 2 yrs. We were hiding it from our parents cause I know they wouldn’t like him. I know they know and want me to stop talking to him but I can’t. I love him and don’t want to lose him. Then I don’t want my […]

    Please Understand Me II – The Book that Changed My Life

    Do you believe that a book could change your life? I do; here’s one that changed mine. It’s called Please Understand Me and it has two versions. The version I read is the second version, Please Understand Me II. Is the change in me for the better? I can’t tell. I must have lost something […]


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