First Date Fun: 4 Unique Ideas for Your First Date

A first date is not an easy business. This is the one chance you have to show your date who you are and develop the kind of chemistry that leads to a longer relationship. While the cliché “dinner and a movie” option rarely fails, it also fails to impress. Setting yourself apart from the crowd takes originality and an active spirit. Try some of these date ideas for unique, active first date experiences that will have them coming back for more.

Get Out of the Theatre
Couple in Nature
While the latest Hollywood filler may be a fine waste of a few hours, it is hardly a suitable place to explore a budding relationship. Instead of staring at a screen, try staring at the sunset. Pop out into the country for a hike, an evening bonfire, or some stargazing. Be sure to create a backup plan in case of inclement weather, but make sure the contingency is just as fun as the original plan. Being alone in nature will not only create a romantic mood, it will give the two of you time to get to know each other. Besides, who doesn’t fancy a meal under the open sky?

Go on a Ride
There are loads of options for the budding daredevil. Try a driving adventure and slip into a new ride. Channel your inner James Bond by taking your date for a spin in an Aston Martin, or pay homage to Monty with a romp through the country in a tank. For those on a stricter budget, have a go on a Quad Bike for a mud bath or stroll through the hills on a Segway. Look around, you should find a suitable provider in your area. Having an adventure together will give you a spectacular foundation for your relationship. The adrenaline rush takes the pressure off you and makes sure your date won’t forget the time you spent together.

Create a Masterpiece
Couple Play Guitar
For the artistically inclined, making something together is a sure way to create a unique impression. While that could mean buying a canvas and paint for an evening splashing colour on the wall (and each other), plenty of other creative endeavours would be just as special. A bit of shared cookery or a few hours of musical collaboration are just as memorable as a couple’s painting session. Making something creative shows your date a lot about who you are. Art is an expression of the artist. That makes it a perfect way to show them who you really are and get a glimpse inside your date’s soul.

Be Active

The key to all these ideas is action. Too many dates are passive experiences in a restaurant or a cinema. These dates don’t give couples the option of really sharing who they are, and are easily forgotten as “just another first date.” Action creates memories and opportunities for more dates in case you hit it off. Even if things don’t work out, you will have had a load of fun doing something unique and exciting.

One of the best ways to make an impression on the first date is to take out your partner to the track days. You both get the opportunity of driving super cars on a professional motor racing circuit and, if you are a good driver, you can even show off your talent in front of your date.

8 Things Not to Talk About on a First Date. Ever.

The candlelight is flickering and the person across the table is looking at you flirtatiously…the wine’s been flowing and conversation has been totally natural. First dates come in a variety of forms and whether you’re having the time of your life at a local café or you’re simply hanging out with a group in a neighborhood pub, there are 8 things that should never, ever, under any circumstances be brought up during the course of a first date. That is, if you want a second one.

8. Your Finances – It should go without saying that talking about money is tasteless. Inevitably, someone’s going to make less, have less or care less than the other and awkwardness will ensue.

7. Your Family Baggage – So your mom’s in lockup and your dad, well, you haven’t seen him since he thoughtlessly abandoned you as a young girl…oh wait, sorry, was that a mood killer? Sure it’s part of your story but it shouldn’t be part of your first-date story. Keep it general until it’s right to open up – it’s a date, not a therapy session.

6. Your 5-Year Plan – You’re on this date hoping to meet Mrs. Right so you can get to the love, the marriage and the baby carriage, of course, but that’s just something you don’t have to tell your date. To avoid scaring her off within the first 2-hours keep it light, really light. An exception to this rule is your 30-year plan: there’s no harm in talking of your “one day” dreams like owning a bed and breakfast or becoming a senior Olympian.

5. Your Bodily Functions – If it’s something a toddler, a 13-year old boy or your dog would find funny, keep it to yourself.

4. Your Past Transgressions – Whether you had a turbulent childhood full of petty arrests or you’re coming off of a divorce caused by your reckless affair you don’t have to show all your guilt-cards upfront. It’s not withholding information, it’s just common courtesy to wait to open up until everyone’s comfortable.

3. Your Cats – Whether you’re a dude or a smokin’ hot lady, owning cats (emphasis on the plural) as a singleton sends the kind of message you just don’t want to have to defend. Plus, no one thinks Mr. Fluffy’s sleeping habits are interesting except you, anyway.

2. Your Politics – Guess what? Your opinion on Sarah Palin has about a 50/50 chance of falling flat. Really flat. Don’t risk an awkward political debate with a pseudo-stranger just to further your cause. Save it for when you’re closer friends who know how to respectively argue with each other.

1. Your ExesDon’t. Talk. About. Your. Ex. Not how great they were, not how horrible they were, not how many (or lack thereof) you’ve had. No matter what you divulge it’s going to make your date uncomfortable and insecure about themselves so keep the topics relatable to the person you’re sitting across from.

First date etiquette is loosening each and every year – from group dates to casual coffee meet-ups to Skype conversations across continents but that doesn’t mean the rules of conversation have changed. If you wouldn’t talk about it with your grandmother don’t talk about it with your date…a first date’s too fragile to risk ruining with one off-color comment.

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Impress Your Lady Without Being Left Out Of Pocket

Want ideas on how to impress your new lady without being left out of pocket? Do you think a first date shouldn’t cost the Earth, but want to make an impression?  Don’t worry guys, I have the answer…


Taking your girl to the cinema is a classic first date! You can pop two straws in one extra large drink and feel that electric jolt when your hands touch as you both reach into the popcorn bag at once!

Just pick your movie wisely – taking a girly girl to see Star Wars on a first date might not go down so well. Ask her beforehand if there are any new movies out she wants to see, and if not, a comedy is always a winner.


Bowling will give you the chance to have a great laugh together on your first date, and is super cheap too. You’ll have time to chat and get to know each other, whilst a bit of friendly competition might see sparks flying!

Tell your date to dress comfortably, order some chips to share, and enjoy the evening ahead.

Eat Out

Eating out doesn’t have to empty your wallet, and as long as it isn’t at the local McDonalds she’s sure to love it! A meal out is a great chance to talk; although if you want to come off as suave, avoid anything that makes a slurping sound as you eat it – soup, today is not your day.

Picking her up from her house will give you the chance to spend some alone time in the car, then ordering a platter to share whilst keeping it super romantic.

Eat In

Alternatively to eating out, eating in is just as romantic and gives you a great chance to show off your culinary skills and impress her. Not really a budding chef? Ordering take-away to eat whilst cuddling up to a movie on the comfort of your own sofa is a cheaper version of cinema and a meal out, and gives you the chance to get close to each other.

Plus, this also saves those awkward moments at the end of the meal when you’re not sure who’s paying!


There are few things more romantic than a picnic in the park on a warm summer’s day, plus there couldn’t be a cheaper option for a first date either.

A picnic saves the noisy atmosphere of a restaurant, and you don’t have to clean and tidy to perfection as you do if eating at home! Buy a big blanket to sit on, plus a hamper and some finger food, and you’re guaranteed a good time.

Do you have any other ideas for cheap first dates? Leave me a comment below!

Prem says:
September 14, 2013 at 8:56 am
Impress Your Lady Without Being Left Out Of Pocket. Impressive title ???? A collection of excellent tips which will not burn your pockets at the same time it will make your date pleasant too. Starting from going to a cinema to Picnic, everything will work out great if it goes well with the plan. I love bowling, so if I get a chance to go on a date I will opt for bowling and if she doesn’t know bowling, I will be pleased to show her how to bowl ???? and if it’s goes well then she could ask for a second outing too ;).

3 Day Rule

How Long Should You Wait to Call Her After a First Date?

So you got past your nervousness of calling to ask a girl on a first date. And even better, she actually said yes. Now you have to ponder another awkward dating question – when do you call again? There are no hard and fast rules for the world of dating but sometimes it’d be a lot easier if there were. Everyone has different expectations. Now it’s your job to figure out what hers are. Here are some tips to help you figure out the perfect time to call again so you can be sure to get to the second date.

The Three-Day Rule

There’s a belief made popular by the movie “Swingers” that you should wait three days before calling after the first date. It’s supposed to be the perfect amount of time to send the right message – that you’re interested but not desperate. Lots of guys follow that script, or they will come up with their own personal rule about when to call. The problem with this is that in dating, what works in one situation doesn’t always work in the next. It’s a much better idea to decide when to call on a case-by-case basis, so throw the “rules” out the window.

What She’s Thinking
What is she thinking
It’s also impossible to determine what women are thinking, and once again, they all think differently. But let’s talk about some of the more common thoughts on post-first-date calls. For most women, waiting any longer than one week to call means you’re not interested in them. If you do call that late, they may become uninterested in you because you seem too busy for her or unreliable. In general it’s best to call at some point within one week of the first date.

On the other hand, how soon is too soon? A common perception is that if a guy calls the very next day, he’s pretty eager, and maybe too eager. The sooner you call the more desperate you seem. It’s usually a turn off to receive a phone call less than 24 hours after the date. Oftentimes a good length for waiting is two to three days. But how do you really know?

First Date Quality

The best way to determine when to call is by your own feelings about how the date went. If you had a great time and really liked the girl, don’t risk losing her interest by waiting too long to call her. If she felt the same way, she’ll appreciate hearing from you sooner rather than later. If the date was pretty good or just so-so, waiting an extra day is probably fine and appropriate. If the date was terrible and you don’t want to see her again, you could decide to do what most guys do and never call at all.

Whatever the case, technology is on your side. You can always send a text message the next day to let her know you had a good time. Hopefully she’ll answer with the same, and your post-first-date call won’t be quite so nerve-wracking. But please – if you really like her, don’t substitute a text message for a call – always call!

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How to Dress for the Perfect First Date

I know just how nerve wracking first dates can be.  I joined an online dating service a year ago and it took 6 first dates before I met someone I really connected with.  I learnt a lot from going on first dates and there are many ways you can help the date to run more smoothly.  You do need to give yourself every chance to relax and open yourself up to experience.  Don’t forget the other person will be nervous too.

If you both find it difficult to relax and get to know each other you may never hit it off.  I have felt in the past that with awkward dates I may have be missing out on getting to know someone who in better circumstances may have been just right for me.

Setting the Scene

There is something very cosy about meeting someone for the first time over coffee.  Coffee shops these days are welcoming havens in the busy hustle and bustle of the modern world.  I find an evening date for dinner can be a great chance to impress with your best outfit, hair and make-up but they can also be very intimidating.  In more formal restaurant surroundings it can be hard to relax at first and everyone will be a bit more nervous.

  • For the very first date I recommend meeting for coffee.  Most people will be more relaxed in the casual surroundings of a nice coffee shop.
  • You will be able to linger for as long as you want to if you do find you are getting on really well.
  • If there is no spark or connection then you can easily escape by claiming a prior engagement as soon as you want to.
  • There is no need to go through the whole process of eating three courses if you know the date isn’t going well.
  • If you are planning the date then choose a coffee shop you know well and feel comfortable in.
  • Town locations are ideal as they will offer plenty of parking and will be easy for the other person to find.
  • Try to choose a time when the coffee shop will be quieter such as mid-afternoon or early evening on a weekday.
  • Sometimes if coffee shop is too crowded it can be difficult to have a comfortable conversation and relax properly.

What to Wear

This will depend on where you are going for your first date.  If you have chosen a generic coffee shop then a smart casual outfit will be fine.  If you have chosen a more upmarket coffee shop or you are going out for an evening meal in a restaurant then a little more care should be taken.  First impressions are important when dating and the other person will not be impressed if you have not bothered to make an effort when meeting them.

  1. Coffee Shop Dates – for first coffee shop dates I like to go for Parisian Chic.  My favourite smart casual outfit for cooler days is dark blue skinny jeans, brown leather boots, floral shirt, gauzy scarf and a smart brown leather jacket.  For warmer days I opt for smart linen cropped shorts (mid-calf), vest top with a pretty blouse over the top and cute leather sandals.
  2. Evening Dates – I have several favourite evening date outfits.  If the restaurant is formal then I love my dark grey James Lakeland Amphora Dress.  This smart wraparound dress looks smart and sexy and I jazz it up with some pretty gold jewellery and killer heels.  If the restaurant is more relaxed I opt for a softer, more casual dress.  I am really in to floral prints at the moment and have a lovely green and pink soft floral dress also by James Lakeland.

Basically I try to dress in a feminine, sexy way without being too ‘in your face’.  I choose tops that show a little cleavage but make sure my bra line is well covered.  Dresses are no shorter than the knee and show calves and a little glimpse of thigh but not too much leg.  I think for the first date you need to be a little bit cautious and not overpower your natural personality with too much high-end fashion, blatantly sexual clothing or heavy make-up.

The Perfect First Date

Basically planning the perfect first date is about setting the scene.  I think it is best to find a relaxing situation in which people can really unwind and open themselves up to the experience.

First Date

I try to avoid dressing up too much and keep things simple yet sexy with some classic designs from top brands like fabulous James Lakeland dresses.