Spice Up Your Love Life with Love Horoscopes

Can Horoscopes Spice Up Your Love Life?

If your relationship is not as exciting in the bedroom as it could be, you may want to try to spice up your love life with love horoscopes. These horoscopes are not based solely on the sun sign of the person (the sign they are born under) but take into account their Venus sigh (the position of Venus when they were born). Once you begin to get a fuller idea of who you are with, you will be amazed at how things will begin to heat up.



The first thing you should look at is how compatible the two of you are.  If, on first reading, you discover that the two of you are not compatible this does not mean you throw away that relationship and go shopping for one that is.  Love horoscopes only take into account a small portion of what goes in to making up a relationship, you should really look at a full horoscope to get an idea of how actually compatible you are.

Who goes best together?

Here is a quick list of the best love matches by sun sign:

  • Taurus – Scorpio
  • Aries – Libra
  • Gemini – Sagittarius
  • Leo – Sagittarius
  • Cancer – Taurus
  • Virgo – Scorpio
  • Aquarius – Sagittarius
  • Scorpio – Pisces
  • Libra – Libra
  • Capricorn – Virgo
  • Pisces – Scorpio

Wait a minute, why aren’t they all the same?

Ah, now you are beginning to see why it is so important to look beyond just the superficial. In order to spice up your love life using a love horoscope you have to have an in depth one. Every person is a complicated set of dualities – the generous and just Libra can also be the worst enemy you can ever make. The kind Pisces can come undone due to naiveté.

If you can begin to learn what it is that makes someone who they are – both their strengths and their weaknesses, you will be better able to create an environment that allows them to be safe and to bring all of themselves into the relationship. Being able to be vulnerable and being able to trust each other is at the core of all good love relationships. That is not just about the emotion of love, but it is essential to the physical expressions of love too.


Read the love horoscopes carefully to get a feel for your partner’s style and your own. If your partner is a Leo, ten to one they are going to be all in for outside adventures, public displays of affection and maybe some role playing before they get to romance. If you are a Libra, it’s the hint and suggestion that is delivered with jewelry and fine wine that is going to open hearts.

After you have read the love horoscopes, sit back and think for a moment about your history in the relationship. Where have both of you acted as your sign is described in the horoscope and when have either of you done something for the other that was “just perfect” and also something that is in the description of your sign? It is important that you recognize these moments because it will do much to teach you how to act.


Certain zodiac signs are more prone to be adventurous than others. Some signs want more of home and gentleness before they will become open to trying something new. What about you? Just because something seems like a way to spice your love life up it may be best to stop and think about what you have learned from the love horoscope. Not everything will appeal to everybody.


In It for The Long Haul: Getting Along with Your Spouse

Marriage is Not for The Faint of Heart

When you first decided to get married, your parents probably told you that marriage is work. You may not have believed them at first, but it only takes a few months of marriage to realize they were right. However, if you begin to take your relationship for granted and stop working on it, it will suffer.

Argue Like Adults

No matter how well you get along, you are bound to have arguments and issues where you don’t see eye to eye. This is perfectly normal. It is how you handle these disagreements that truly counts.

When you disagree, especially if you become angry or heated, it is tempting to take a verbal shot at your spouse. However, saying hurtful things in the heat of the moment will only lead to bad feelings. It may give you temporary satisfaction, but in the long run it will drive you further apart. Resist the temptation to focus on your spouse and his or her shortcomings. Instead, focus on the issue at hand. Do not discuss other topics or past events, and avoid assigning blame. Discuss the matter calmly, and use feeling-based statements. For example, “When you didn’t call to tell me that you were staying at work late, I felt unimportant.”

The key to arguing successfully is to try to reach a compromise. Approach the argument as a problem that can be mutually solved by the two of you, rather than as a contest where someone wins or loses. The goal is to reach a compromise that is mutually acceptable to both of you. For example, if the argument is that your spouse never wants to have dinner with your parents, agree to have dinner with them once a month rather than every week. This way, you both get something that you want.

Avoid Taking Your Spouse for Granted

When you have been together for more than a year or two, you gradually begin to relax around your spouse. This is generally a good thing. Who would want to constantly suffer the emotional highs and lows of your early dating relationship? However, when you begin to feel comfortable, you may begin to take your spouse for granted. For instance, you may stop thanking him for making dinner, or you may neglect to bring her flowers “just because.”

The solution to this problem is to not only try to be courteous to your spouse, but to also try to do one nice thing for your spouse each day. Whether that one thing is telling her she looks beautiful, or if it is making him coffee in the morning, your spouse will be sure to remember it and feel good about your relationship. These positive feelings pay dividends in your relationship as well because he or she will be more likely to reciprocate and do something nice for you. In the long run, these small acts of kindness are the glue that holds your relationship together and gives you the strength to weather the tough times.


9 Sexy Ways to Pull Your Relationship Out of a Rut

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship has experienced the ‘couple slump’, or the ‘relationship rut’, couples tend to get into after they’ve been together a few years. It doesn’t mean you love each other less; it just means you feel settled. Things get predictable, routine sets in; you both get comfortable and make less of an effort.

Evenings once consisting of deep conversations, intimate dinners and hours of tantalising sex, now turn into nights spent watching Have I Got News for You, followed by 8 minutes upstairs in the missionary position. But what’s lost can easily be found! Rediscover your passion with these nine simple tips.

1) Spice up your life This may sound bizarre but spice your own life up first and the spice will spill over into your relationship. What made you happy before you were together? Going running? Singing in the shower? Amateur dramatics? Whatever it is, take it up again. You’ll notice a difference in your own happiness and this will be infectious to your partner. They will look at you with revived interest, remembering the vitality they fell in love with.

2) Introduce something new to the bedroom A toy, a porn film, even a new lube – these little things go a long way and do wonders for the sex drive. Reviving passion between the sheets takes effort from both partners, but once the flame is back you’ll both feel smoking hot!

3) Take a holiday This can be the ultimate spark reviver. If you’re strapped for cash, just take a short break in a cheap but lovely B&B. The new surroundings will help you focus on each other for a change.

4) Try a new activity together You could take up anything from salsa dancing to bungee jumping! Activities will help you bond and break out of your usual routine. With each new thing you’ll discover something new!

5) Spend a day in bed It’s a Sunday and you have no particular commitments. Don’t get up. Just stay in bed all day! Order food and eat it in bed. Wear nothing but underwear and just wrap your bodies around each other. Revel in the intimate laziness and you’ll be surprised how much you reconnect.

6) Organise a regular ‘date night’ Make it an absolute rule that you will go out somewhere together for dinner and a movie, or out for cocktails. Spend some time getting ready, putting nice clothes on, doing your hair, making an effort. This will remind you of when you were dating and you’ll feel the spark again.

7) Sexy nightwear Ladies, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing revealing or risqué lingerie, consider buying some sexy nighties. If you arrive for bedtime in a silky black lace number, you may be greeted in a fairly amorous way! Keep it on for as long as possible, and then slip it off slowly, maintaining eye contact. He won’t know what hit him!

8) Plan an evening of sex Grab some new lingerie, a massage candle and prepare some tasty finger food. Send your man a sexy picture while he’s at work, and tell him one thing you’re going to do to him later. You won’t believe how quickly he comes home!

9) Kiss every day It doesn’t matter if it’s in the morning before work, at lunch for no reason, in bed while you’re cuddling or in front of a movie. Kiss slowly, touch each other’s faces, then close your eyelids as you sink into the kiss.

Never underestimate the power a kiss can have. Please share any more tips you have stored up! We all love a bit of spice!

Susannah Perez is a happy fashion blogger with a passion for passion! She loves to write about sex and relationships, a veritable UK Carrie Bradshaw.

Bedroom Etiquette – 5 Essential Do’s & Don’ts

When one’s sex life is fulfilling and fun, it’s a very special thing that can be difficult to live without.

I personally believe that a healthy relationship needs a strong sexual connection, and establishing sexual rapport in a new relationship is an important part of the process.

But like everything in life, there are certain etiquettes to follow in the bedroom.

You can thank me later!


1) Give encouragement and praise

There’s nothing more discouraging than a completely silent partner.

Incorporate sentences like, ‘that feels so good’, or ‘I love how you’re doing that’. This does not necessarily equate to dirty talk, which can feel a bit embarrassing to start with. It’s merely an indication that things are going well.

Everyone needs a pat on the head from time to time – even in bed!

2) Spend time on foreplay

This is the best way to know how your partner’s body responds to certain things. It warms you both up for what comes next, and also says ‘I’m a considerate lover’.

It’s not a race to the finish line, so enjoy the build up and take your time.

3) Discuss contraception

Fellas, if she says she is on the pill, that’s fine, but in new relationships make sure to wear a condom too.

4) Return the favour

Guys, if she spends time going down on you, it’s just bad manners not to go down on her. Fact.

5) Make eye contact

To me there is nothing sexier than locking eyes while being locked in passion.

It’s almost like your souls connect.

Hot stuff!


1) Bring up the ex

It’s extremely bad form to mention how your ex was in bed.

Whether it’s a, ‘You’re so much better than my ex’, or a ‘Don’t worry I can handle rough, my ex was an animal’, you’re drawing an unwelcome comparison when your partner is at their most vulnerable.

2) Introduce kink too quickly

After the first few sexual encounters, things are still on soft ground, so it might not be the best time to bring out the handcuffs.

If you’re into kink, build the groundwork slowly, and determine whether or not this is something your partner may be into.

Oh and guys? Don’t go straight for the back door without asking, it’s rude.

We never fall for the old, ‘it slipped’, either!

3) Be afraid to take control

If one person is doing all the work, both partners will end up feeling tired/lazy and maybe slightly resentful.

Switch positions often and remember that it’s about both of you.

4) Wear your most expensive lingerie

You know you have a gorgeous collection of sexy lingerie that he will enjoy just as much.

If you wear nothing but your best lingerie all the time, it will set an expectation. When you get comfortable and start wearing your granny pants and mismatching bra, he’ll just end up feeling cheated.

5) Let your pets on the bed

A dog humping your leg is the quickest way to destroy a romantic mood!

So there you have it. Sorry if it made you blush!

Please share any more DO’s and DON’Ts that you have come across in your sexual adventures.

…Go on, don’t be shy!

Susannah Perez is a fashion and lingerie blogger with a special passion for sex and relationships. Deemed the office sex guru, she strives to administer tips that will make everyone better lovers.

Should I Accept His Style of ‘Dating’ Life?

I got married at a very young age as 22 because family urge. But, the guy I got married is someone I knew and was befriended for some time. I chose him because of the love he had for me as well his concern on me. The marriage was good until the early of 2 months. And, there goes the first step of storm between us.

He started to show me the off mood for intimacy. I did confront him, but he said, maybe ‘coz he is too tired or he is lack of vitamins since he use to be semi vegetarian since born. I accepted his excuse and remained calm n relaxed when my urge to have sex is high. But after another couple of months, I caught him having photos of girls naked, with undergarments in his hp. I was like damn upset of course but I kept quiet.

Silently, I understood, maybe that is what he is looking for. And, what I did was, I started to buy sexy lingerie and dress up really sexy just for him at home. But, he doesn’t seem to be surprised at all but still was like off mood when comes to intimacy. For ur info, im 50kg/169cm… im not fat nor ugly. I was in a total dilemma after that. I had questions like “what’s wrong with me?” am I lacking of anything and etc. Finally, I did took the initiative to speak out to him abt our sex life because, as days went to months, I started to feel very tensed, easily get irritated with him.

But, he told me was Everything is fine with me, he is happy with me and im perfectly okay for him. But, when I asked back, then why he doesn’t have the mood on me? He gave the same earlier answer (tired, lack of vitamins) I was too annoyed with that answer over again and I started to let me anger/irritation on him day by day. Then, whatever he say or do seemed to be wrong for me. I can’t convince myself about him because he didn’t keep me happy, im still so young yet energetic for him anytime! Until, his birthday morning things went real bad about him.

Just after my prayer, I wanted to wake him up since his cousins were down to celebrate his birthday at home in the evening. As I went in, I saw him masturbating on the bed while flipping through the pictures in his hp! I couldn’t hold my tears and let it to roll down my cheeks. I was stunned in front of him, speechless. He tried convincing me saying, he was looking at my pictures. But!! God! I know what’s in his phone. I left in silence since his cousins were around n I don’t to spoil his birthday.

I didn’t talk abt that issue after that. Perhaps, he didn’t take any efforts to clear that issue within me. That’s my expectation anyways. I want him to talk to me, explain to me things and admit his mistakes! But he never did that ever. My anger grew wild and I get real mad all the time with him. Everything seemed to be wrong between us almost 2 years! Sometimes, we do make love over the night when he tried to be sweet n romantic, I forget probs between us ‘coz I need his touch too. Again, once when he was taking shower, I grabbed his hp and checked his images.

This time, I found my close friend’s photos giving her sexy pose with clothes as well his ex photo! I really lost my temper and fought him to the maximum. I couldn’t take the fuss he did to me. We had a cat and dogs fight. He defends himself with lies! He lied to cover up another lie and he treated me like a dumb as if im not literate. Then, I couldn’t let him touch me anymore..

And about the end of 2010, we used to have mega fights and problems! He was keep telling me tonnes of lies and I lost my trust on him completely. I totally disrespect him after that. Early of January 2011, we had one last big fight and I left him. He started to spoil my name to my own few friends and told the clockwise to his family.

I totally was very upset, angry and disappointed with him after that. But, quite recently, he asked me one chance to repair everything by being a BOYFRIEND! Haha! Yes! He wants to be a bf to me now. But, I did accept what he wanted and gave him a chance since he wants things to be fine between because we had the plan to have baby this year, our 3rd year of marriage.

But, what happens here, he visits me a few times a week, call me out for date, and the best part he wants to stay over once in a while with me to show his love to me it seems. I couldn’t accept him in that way. I have got the feel he is totally a freak because, he doesn’t have the courtesy to call me back but treating me like this. I am all alone here! And he told me, he prefers to repair the relationship under 2 different roofs! I am even more pissed off with him now. I need a life together with him as a husband/wife and a family…But he is talking the otherwise.

And, this is all the issues happened in between us for almost 2 and half year together. Now, I have a big question! Do I need to entertain this kind of man in my life? Or, should I just accept his style of ‘dating’ life. I need a baby, he knows very well, but he asked me to put it on hold! I am very stressed with him. I am not happy either! Please give me a solution.

– sadgirl

I Have been Married for 15 Years and Love Someone Else

I have been married for 15 years. I am a scientist/patent agent and she an intensive care physician. I work in-house at a pharmaceutical company that recently went through a merger and substantial lay-offs. Things are still unsettled. I fortunately survived. My wife recently became medical director of the ICU. In short, our professional lives have recently been extremely stressful. We have two wonderful boys 9 and 10 we love very much.

Our marriage was not arranged, but our meeting was by our parents (yes, if you haven’t figured it out, we are Indians). We had a two-year long distance dating relationship (me in NY, her in Ottawa). Met almost every weekend or whenever we could, and talked for hours on the phone every single day between meetings. We got married and then lived apart for another two years as I finished up in NY and she finished up in Ottawa. We eventually settled in Toronto where both of our families are.

I am a romantic and emotionally sensitive, definitely not the macho man. Would love to whisk her away on a long weekend to Paris, Rome etc. Would love to walk along the Seine hand in hand in spring. Love to cuddle and be cuddled, hold hands, lie on her lap while watching TV, have her run her fingers through my hair, be kissed and hugged. In short I am very affectionate. I need to be touched. I need to be loved. She was quite affectionate in our early years together. Not so much after the kids, but I could still get hugs, kisses and almost everything mentioned above, just not as often. That was fine. I perfectly understand that partners change over time. Relationships change over time.

I am the cook in the house, I do the grocery shopping, take the trash out, pick up and drop off the kids at school every single day of the school year. I do most of the homework with the kids, science projects etc. I take the kids to their extracurricular activities (swimming, soccer, birthday parties etc.), manage the finances, meet with our financial advisor, take both cars in for servicing, take the kids to their orthodontist and pediatrician. I do the ironing. She takes the kids to the dentist, does the laundry and takes the kids shopping for clothes. Her schedule is such that she says she can’t do all of the other things. She is out by 6.30 am and does not return till about 7pm. I have somewhat of a 9-5 job. I don’t complain, but it is sometimes overwhelming. Over the past couple of years I have noticed that she has gradually become increasingly unaffectionate to the point that she now does not even touch me. Whenever I sit next to her on the couch, she will tell me to move away, whenever I put my arms around her, she will cringe, if I try to kiss or hug her, she will give me the “what the hell are you trying to do” look. She will push my arm away, when I try to cuddle and tell me to move to my side of the bed. She does not say “bye” when she walks out the door in the morning. More often than not, I don’t even know that she has left. She does not say “hi” when she returns and does not ask how my day went. We have dinner together as a family almost every night and will often wait for her even if she is late. At the dinner table, she will ask the kids and will push them to talk about their day, but not me. She is in bed by 9 and sometimes even earlier. While this has become acute recently, keep in mind that it started at least a couple of years before she took on the job as director of the ICU.

I understand that communication is key, and so I have tried to talk to her to try and figure out what the problem is. She won’t talk. Whenever, I say that we have to talk, she mostly responds by rolling her eyes back and giving me the “oh no not again” look or she will say “oh brother, what do you want to talk about now?” or “do we have to talk right now?” I can’t get through to her. She would prefer to sleep than to talk. When I told her all of what is going on is a little overwhelming for me and if we could talk it over, her response was “such is life, deal with it”.

Admittedly, I am not an angel. I have my faults. She would tell you that whenever she wants to voice an opinion or says something, I just lash out at her. There are times that I have. I admit it. It was not right of me to do that. I have apologized. Her response is to give me the silent treatment for at least a week and sometimes more. I get over my anger within minutes. She takes at least a week if not more. I forgive and forget. She will hold a grudge. I think, in part, this has caused her to close up, fearful that I will lash out at her if she says something. It has come to a point that we don’t even exchange a single word between us on certain days.

It feels like we have grown apart and maybe even out of love. Thinking back, I am not sure if we were in love when we married. I think we liked each other a lot, but I am not sure if we were deeply in love. In part, I do believe that our parents wanted us to get married. I was at a stage in my life where I thought if I didn’t get married now, I would never get married and did not want to grow old alone. I make friends easily, but am shy with women when I first meet them and need to get a lot more comfortable with someone before I ask them out. I was never then and am not now into the club scene and did not know where and how I could meet up with someone. She is not at all a sociable person. She is an introvert and has almost no friends. Hates going to weddings and parties unless she is absolutely certain that there will be people she knows, especially the handful of friends that she has. I feel like we are two separate people living under one roof. I feel very lonely, empty and have cried myself to sleep almost every night (I said I wasn’t your macho man!) trying to figure out what is wrong or what I have done wrong to the point that her skin crawls at my touch? Six months ago, I hired a lady, whom I knew from my previous employment, to come work for me. She is stunningly beautiful, but much, much more importantly, she has a beautiful heart. I have gotten to know her much better over the time we have worked together. I always knew that she was divorced (12 years) and has a 14 yr old son, whom she loves very much. We have a lot in common, both likes and dislikes. She is smart and very intelligent. She has a face and personality that could light up the darkest room. Her face is like the sun, her smile like its rays. She was alone on Xmas day and so asked her over for Xmas dinner with the rest of my and my wife’s family. Everyone loved her. Let be very clear, I AM NOT HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH HER, HAVE NOT SLEPT WITH HER, HAVE NOT ASKED HER OUT. I AM NOT HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH ANYONE ELSE, HAVE NOT SLEPT WITH ANYONE ELSE, HAVE NOT MADE ANYONE PREGNANT, AND AS FAR AS I KNOW THERE ARE NO “MINI MEs” OUT THERE EITHER. But, I am falling for her, and therein lies the problem. I want to tell her, but I know I can’t for what it will do to both our friendship and our professional relationship. She is very good at what she does and I can’t afford to lose her. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable either knowing that I am falling for her, especially when she might not even know I “exist”, if you know what I mean. I know what others will say when replying to this. That I am very vulnerable right now with what is going on at home and that I am looking for affection elsewhere. I have confided in her. She knows my position. She is not the type to take advantage of me either.

I can’t get through to my wife. I am not sure now if I even love her or that I loved her at all. I am not sure if she loves me now or loved me ever at all. I am afraid to get divorced as it will shatter the kids, whom I love very, very much. I cannot see the kids just 50{6cfcd0bdce77e89f6643114f1e6c62d79211dd6f899a492316d2f6e8299594ce} of the time. I will miss them immensely. And if I do get divorced, I have no idea that my co-worker will even want to have to do anything with me, which means I will end up alone and devastated, and at my age there is no hope in hell that I will ever meet someone else (I am mid-age. My wife and I are 8 years apart and I am 9 years apart from my co-worker). But, seeing her everyday makes me very happy, especially since I am not happy at home, yet is very painful.

I don’t know what to do.

– sciencechef

Am I Wrong to Look at my Husband’s Inbox Messages

I have been with my husband for 10 years, married for 2 1/2 of those years. We have 4 children. We get along well but my husband has been seeking local women from a social website for the past couple of years. Each time I have caught him up by bringing up his account and reading inbox messages he’s sent to these women. The women almost never respond back to him.


We have had arguments about it over and over. Just yesterday I found out that he emailed an individual saying he wanted to see her naked breasts. When I confronted him, he told me I was wrong for looking at his account because it’s his own privacy and I have no right.

So my question is am I wrong if he accidentally leaves his account open and I look at his inbox messages, or should I be more attentive to what he is doing since I already know something is not right?

– Angie

Min Min says:
June 11, 2010 at 7:01 pm
Hi Angie,

If your husband told you that it was wrong to look at his account then you should not.

Of course it’s reasonable for you to be more attentive.

However, you should work out your relationship in a more positive way than simply arguing about it over and over.

You should have a conversation with your husband. Tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels if you message someone else like this.

Also ask him what can help make him happy to see if you can compromise to each other. He has sexual needs to meet while has moral responsibility.

Mrs W. says:
July 27, 2010 at 4:28 pm
Omygosh…its clear he’s on the verge of adultery if he hasn’t already emotionally or physically. Talking to him won’t do a bit of good. You approaching him about email got him to manipulate the situation so well to say your invading privacy of his. He’s overlooking the fact that he’s stepping away from your sacred marriage by investing lustful suggestions to. women. He’s truly truly bad news if you stay married to him!
What makes him think what he does is morally right? What would he feel if tables were turned? He doesn’t see your marriage as sacred or none of what he’s doing would be happening. Actions of his speak way beyond ANYTHING ELSE.

sadgirl says:
March 3, 2011 at 4:03 am
Hi, Mrs W..

Hope your are fine..

Well, we are alost in the same boat. But, i dont have a kid yet. If i were in your position, i will just ignore his in everything as long he does his responbility as a father to my children. Why not u just live for your 4 beautiful children? they should be your concern ( make sure they dont follow the dad in future ) …. just a suggestion… plz correct me if i am wrong!…

god bless u always!