Make it Easier for Family To Like The New Person

The Family Introduction Check-List

If you have been dating one person exclusively for a while, and feel you are ready to take things to the next level, it’s now time to share your relationship with family. At this stage, if not handled carefully, things can become stressful for everyone involved, resulting in a difficult situation.

To have an easier time between your family and that special person, take time to prepare and follow this family introduction checklist to keep things going smoothly.

1 – Make Sure the Time is Right

Introducing someone to your family has to be handled delicately. If it is too soon, your family may feel you are getting serious too fast. But, waiting too long to have them meet, may make your family think that you are embarrassed by them in some way or the relationship is not as serious as you claim.

Family introductions should happen around the time that the two of you have decided to be monogamous, and before you get engaged or move in together.

2 – Schedule a Brief First Meeting

You can never be sure that everything will go perfectly the first time the person that’s special to you meet your family. Instead of an extended visit, keep things short and simple the first time everyone gets together. Rather then a formal dinner, why not stop by, before a planned event the two of you scheduled, for a brief meeting and chat with family.

3 – Prepare Everybody in the Advance

If your gut tells you family members will be surprised about the person they are meeting, whatever the reason, their gender, nationality, or religion, you need to prepare everyone. Do what you can to lessen an awkward situation. In an ideal world, everyone can accept others, regardless of who they are in life. This is not the world that exist. So, prepare the family, before the meet the person you love, with information that might affect them negatively.

4 – Give The Person You Love Complete Reassurance

If your family is not accepting of the relationship, you may not be able to do anything about it. Stay true to yourself. Follow your heart. You are the one in the relationship. It’s important to let the special person in your life know how much he or she means to you, and that you are on their side. Reassuring the person you love, will help them feel more confident and comfortable, and regardless of the outcome, the two of you will stay together.


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