About paranoia
Welcome to the Paranoia test. How paranoid are you? How paranoid is he or she? Take the quiz and find the answer!

Answer the following questions truthfully. Put a check in the box for any item that sounds right.

1. Is this person excessively sensitive to the slightest rejection?

2. Does this person tend to bear grudges, refuse to forgive insults?

3. Does this person tend to misinterpret the friendly actions of others as hostile or disrespectful?

4. Does this person tend to be overly, constantly suspicious, without justification, about sexual fidelity of spouse or sexual partner?

5. Does this person distrust his / her partner because this person has been cheated on in his / her past relationship?

6. When his / her partner goes out, does this person ask questions like "Were there girls / guys there? Did they touch you? Did you flirt with them?"

7. Does this person keep calling his / her partner when this person knows that his / her partner is out with friends?

8. Does this person go psycho if his / her partner is friends with a person of opposite sex?

9. Was this person ever told that he / she was invading his / her partner's life?

10. Does this person go through his / her partner's mail and cell phone, and eavesdrop on conversations?

That's all there is. Press the button below to find out the answer.
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