About narcissist
Welcome to the Narcissistic test. How narcissistic are you? How narcissistic is he or she? Take the quiz and find the answer!

Answer the following questions truthfully. Put a check in the box for any item that sounds right.

1. This person has achieved more than most people his or her age.

2. This person is firmly convinced that he or she is better, smarter, or more talented than other people.

3. This person obsesses over school (if well-known) he or she graduated from or over company (if well-known) he or she worked with and displays everything related to the school or the company's name.

4. This person displays overwhelming pride for his or her relatives or friends (if well-known).

5. This person is a name dropper.

6. This person will exaggerate and brag about past accomplishments.

7. This person will lie if he or she thinks it will further his or her own image and if he or she doesn't think it will be discovered.

8. When lies are followed up on this person will imply that the other person is mistaken, and that he or she never said the lie in the first place.

9. This person cannot recognize his or her own mistakes and he or she projects his or her own faults on to others.

10. When this person recognizes his or her mistake, even the slightest error can bring about a major depression.

11. This person thinks that most criticisms of him or her from others are motivated by jealousy.

12. This person fantasies of doing something great or being famous, and he or she often expects to be treated as if these fantasies had already come true.

13. This person regards anything short of worship to be rejection. He or she's afraid of being abandoned due to his or her fragile self-esteem.

14. This person often explains why people who are better known is not really all that great.

15. This person devalues those who are "inferior" to him or her.

16. This person loves competition and comparison, but he or she is a poor loser.

17. This person has very little interest in what other people are thinking or feeling, unless he or she wants something from them.

18. This person takes advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals.

19. This person becomes irritated when other people don't automatically do what he or she wants them to do, even when other people have a good reason for not complying.

20. This person often complains of being mistreated or misunderstood.

21. This person breaks his or her partner's spirits to keep the partner dependent.

22. This person needs threats, intimidations to keep others close to him or her.

23. This person has tremendous need to control situations, conversations, and group meetings.

24. This person often feels put upon when he or she is asked to take care of his or her responsibilities to family, friends, or work group.

25. This person regularly disregards rules or expects rules to be changed because he or she is in some way special.

26. This person reviews sports, art, and literature by telling others what he or she would have done instead.

27. People either love or hate this person.

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