Your Ultimate Guide To ‘The Game’ For Dating Success

If you’re a guy and you’ve ever become desperate in the world of dating, then you may have at some point turned to the internet for advice. Like the most powerful agony aunt in the universe, the internet can answer all our problems and turn us into geniuses in almost any subject. If you turned to the internet for this particular subject, then chances are you might have heard the word ‘The Game’ and be wondering what it is and whether it really works. And then you might have wondered whether there really is this secret key to getting any woman to go out with you… and then that might have brought you here.

Good news, you’re in the right place. Here we’re going to look at precisely what the game is, but more importantly whether or not it can really turn you into a lothario.

What is The Game?

There are lots of things that call themselves the game (there’s that game that you play by not thinking about the game for instance – which you just lost by the way), but in this case ‘The Game’ refers to a set of rules and practices outlined on the web and in books for attracting women. Apparently by using The Game your average skinny nerd can pull a beautiful buxom blonde – even if she’s in a relationship – by simply laying down some hocus pocus.

This movement of course garnered a bit of attention and there are loads of rules and terms that you can follow to become better at it – all preached by a bunch of guys who call themselves things like ‘Shadow’. Presumably because the kind of guy who uses The Game also loves Dragon Ball Z…

How Does it Work?

Don’t let that quip mislead you – I’m not about to write this off immediately as ‘for geeks’. Actually if you read the book there are a lot of lessons and ideas there that can genuinely help anyone to become more generally confident and to develop themselves. Any form of self development is important, and so I’m not knocking it.


Generally the concepts preached by The Game (I’m getting tired of writing that in capitals…) revolve around evolutionary theory of human psychology – that women are looking for men who are a good catch and who are going to provide good genetic material and resources for their offspring. Thus your shy weedy guy doesn’t do that well until he learns to send the signals that he is the more confident party and must have some ‘secret’.

He does this in several ways. For one he will subtly knock the confidence of the woman he is interested in with sly comments that show he’s not intimidated (negging). At the same time he might show off his resources and at the same time be bold enough to break social convention (peacocking) thereby showing that he’s well off and highly resourceful. At the same time he will work on his approach and his general aura of confidence to make himself more of a catch – and if you read the book titled The Game (original) then you will be required to go through several challenges such as chatting to strangers in the street, in order to overcome any of your social inhibitions.

And it’s here – in pushing yourself through those social inhibitions that The Game has some merit. Quite a lot in fact. And if you can take home these lessons and apply them to other areas of your life then this can in theory help you to progress your career and your relationships to a worthwhile degree. I’m not saying The Game is great – it is nerdy and it can be amoral – but read the book and look into it because there is certainly some value there.

John Simpsons is an avid blogger who has great knowledge in the field of human psychology, hypnosis and meditation.