7 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

If you been in a relationship for period of time,  you probably experience the relationship slump. Couples who have been together a few years, can fall into a rut. It doesn’t mean you love each other less; it just means you feel settled. Things are predictable. Routine has sets in, you are comfortable with your daily life together. There’s little to no effort to add spice to your relationship. To give it a jolt of freshness.

Evenings once consisting of deep conversations, romantic dinners and hours of tantalizing intimacy, are now spent watching news, movies and tv shows repeatedly. Take comfort in knowing, you don’t have to settle for this continual daily routine. You can rekindle your relationship and spark excitement again.

Here are 7 ways to rediscover and ignite some excitement into your relationship again.


1) Spice up your life: This may sound bizarre but spice your own life up first, then let it spill over into your relationship. Recall what made you happy before you were together. Going running? Singing in the shower? Amateur dramatics? Whatever it is, take it up again. You’ll notice a difference in your own happiness. And this will be infectious to your partner. They will look at you with eyes of interest, remembering the vitality that spark their love you.


2) Take a holiday: If you’re strapped for cash, just take a short break in a cheap but lovely B&B. The new surroundings will help you focus on each other for a change. This could be the ultimate way to revive your relationship.


3) Try a new activity together:

Do something as simple as bike riding together. You could take up anything from rock climbing to hang gliding to a cooking class together! Activities will break the routine that you have fallen into daily. With each new thing you’ll discover something new!

4) Spend all day in bed: It’s a Sunday and you have no particular commitments. Don’t get up. Just stay in bed all day! Order food and eat it in bed. Lay around cuddling in the warmth of your closeness, reveling in the intimate laziness of being together. You’ll be surprised how much you reconnect.

5) Plan a regular date night: Make it an rule that you will go out together for dinner and a movie, or out for drinks.. Spend time getting ready, put nice clothes on, do your hair, make an effort to treat the night special. It may remind you of when you were dating, causing the two of you to feel that spark again.


6) Plan an evening together:

Prepare a meal with all your favorite foods, with candles and the drinks you most enjoy. Sit back and soak in the atmosphere of music and conversation. As the evening comes to an end, let your imagination run wild. Spend the rest of the night together enjoying each other, until the early morning light.

7) Kiss every day: In the morning before work, give each other that send off kiss. It is so special to start the day with a kiss. Then at night, give that passionate kiss to end the day, to seal it with the love of how much you means to each other.

Never underestimate the power a kiss can have on someone.