Dating Holidays – What Are They Exactly?

Dating Holidays – Do They Work? Read This Interesting Guide

Seen as a perfect way to spend time with loved ones, holidays are a chance to re-connect with the people who are important to you. But what if you don’t have a significant other with whom to spend your vacation?

Increasing numbers of men and women looking for love are coming together on singles or dating holidays, combining the opportunity to get away from it all with the chance of a holiday romance.

Romantic getaway

It’s been said that in this modern age, it’s getting harder to find a partner. Many of us work long hours; we socialise in small groups and as those in our social circle pair off and settle down, there are fewer chances of finding love. A number of dating agencies and tour operators have branched out into offering dating holidays, where people who would rather not travel alone can take a break with people in a similar situation and have the chance of finding that special someone into the bargain.

The holidays on offer vary from simple short breaks in the Lake District through to over two weeks exploring the sights and sounds of China. Tour operators offer fully inclusive packages with excursions and social gatherings organised so people can get to know each other, share experiences and bond with new friends and potential partners.

Never too old

Things have changed since the baby boomers first got married, and nowadays there’s a growing number of over 50s who are single – either through bereavement or divorce – and seeking companionship and a second chance at love.

A number of companies, such as Solos Holidays, offer trips specially tailored to groups of older travellers who’d like to travel with like-minded singles. With destinations across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, there’s more than enough to interest everyone from the most adventurous traveller to those who prefer something a little closer to home. The great thing about these trips for single holidaymakers is that there are plenty of people with whom they can share their travel experiences and make new friends… and maybe something more.

Pink travel

Over the years, a number of travel agencies have grown up to serve the gay community, offering travel to gay-friendly destinations where people need have no fear about acceptance or persecution on their getaway.

More recently, a couple of tour operators have begun to offer tours specifically catering to the single gay traveller, giving the opportunity to meet new people and potentially spark a holiday romance. “Out Everywhere” is a self-styled social club for gay people and its forums allow groups of gay people to holiday together and get to know each other while getting away from it all.

The million dollar question

So, do they work? If you’re looking for love, is a singles holiday the choice for you to find that special someone?

Any tour operator you go to will tell you that their service works and show testimonials from apparently happy and loved-up customers, but it’s hard to trust this when there’s a clear commercial advantage in showing how brilliant their service is.

A quick internet search delivered a lovely story in the UK newspaper “the Guardian” of forty-something couple Tracy and Kevin, who found one another on a singles holiday and never looked back. After deciding to travel with SpiceUK, a singles social group that arranges worldwide holidays for people looking to make new connections, the pair met and fell in love.  It just goes to show that if it can work for one couple, there’s hope for all of us!


These days, there are lots of ways to meet new people and find love. Meeting a potential partner has gone beyond the personal ads and with internet and speed dating taking off around the world it’s easier than ever to find that someone special. Holidays have long been linked with romance, and the relaxed atmosphere of a romantic getaway with a group of like-minded people is the perfect chance to be yourself and make your wishes come true.