The 5 Signs you Might Date the Wrong Person

  • The 5 Signs you Might Date the Wrong Person

Experiencing feelings of doubt about a relationship is common, and successfully navigating the waters of this close connection requires making difficult decisions where a person must think deeply and honestly. Most people are happy to deny the truth and to remain in a relationship that might not be healthy. Taking the initiative to examine the relationship really is a good idea when it seems something might be wrong.

Basic and necessary elements that allow a connection to remain successful include physical contact, emotional connections, intellectual unions, and similar interests. These basic items must exist in harmony with one another to keep a relationship strong and healthy. A couple doesn’t need to be exactly alike in every area of life, but some similarities are valuable.

When a person feels that they are no longer connecting with a partner, it is essential to think about the following ways that might reveal a relationship isn’t going the way it should and that a parting of ways might be the best solution.

Happiness levels

The most important feeling in a relationship is that of happiness. A person who isn’t happy when they are around their significant other might not be with the right person, or something might need to change in his or her relationship status. Relationships do take effort and compromise, but they should also reward constant happiness.

Self-esteem problems

A relationship should inspire confidence in someone, and if there are self-esteem issues that seem to appear when a person is in contact with their boyfriend or girlfriend that could be a sign something is wrong in the relationship. Sometimes this issue is just the result of bad communication, but it’s an important factor in a healthy relationship.

Being apart feels better

If the time that someone spends apart from a significant other feels better than the time  the couple spends together, there might be a problem. If the actual reasons for why a couple might need to break up outnumber those why the couple should remain together, it might be time to discuss parting ways.

Thinking about others

If a person has consistent thoughts about other people he or she might want to date even though he or she is in a relationship, this might be a sign that something is wrong or that the relationship isn’t where the person wants to be. Noticing someone who walks by and thinking that the person is attractive is fairly natural, but thinking too often about other people isn’t normal.

Friends don’t like him/her

Although the advice of friends is not always the first thing a person should consider about his or her relationship, it’s important to listen to friends if they feel that the association isn’t healthy or is causing problems. Sometimes friends may notice issues in a relationship that the people who are inside the relationship might not realize exist.

It’s very easy for a person in a relationship to ignore their better judgement and try to remain in the relationship even though they know that something is wrong. Ignoring one’s own opinion is common where there is a relationship on the line. Taking the initiative to think and consider why a relationship might be headed in the wrong direction offers the best opportunity to ensure the association is healthy.

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