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The Way to Express and Interpret Love

If you haven’t heard about the “5 Love Languages”, you really should know and learn your partner’s Love Language and your own Love Language as well. It’s another way other than temperament to help you better communicate with your partner and enhance your love relationship from a different angle – the way you both express and […]

Your Future is in your Hands

I started to be interested in palm reading sometime when I tried to search for a light on my life, hoping that someone would shed light and tell me what my future would hold, and who would enter my life. Eventually I came across a very special book about hand psychology, a new insight into […]

Why First Love is Memorable

When we were young, we were capable of falling in love. We didn’t date much. Someone attractive was good enough for us to fall in love with.   The first love was memorable unless your first lover truly disappointed you. It seems that you can’t love someone else so much. It’s not that how great […]

Why Do My Parents Dislike My Boyfriend?

Choice Lover vs Parents The related cases we will refer to when we address this topic are under “Lover vs Parents” category.   “No one can live your life but you.” This is true, however, when your parents dislike your boyfriend, the situation is not so simple and becomes tough. The first question you should […]

Goodbye Lover

The related cases referred to are under the “Break up” category. Remember: The pain will pass and it’s never eternal If you are heartbroken, please remember this first: just like giving birth to a child, the pain will pass and the new baby will eventually be born. Being heartbroken is never eternal. Feel free to […]

7+ Online Dating “Rules”

* Rule#1: Make sure you have a complete and brilliant profile; an annoying profile will make your first message fail to attract any attention. * Rule#2: Thoroughly read through the favorite ones’ profiles; * Rule#3: Compose your first message to those who match you at most important aspects; * Rule#4: In your first message, you […]

Friendship vs. Love – Which Would Win in a Contest?

Choice Friendship vs Love The related cases we will refer to when we address this topic are under “Bestfriend vs Lover” menu.   Love has three major steps: 1. Fall in love 2. Test love 3. Love lasting or love ends If you love someone but you have never expressed your love, even if you […]

What’s It Like to Meet a “Penpal”

Friend When you meet someone at work or at a social gathering, whether to make friends with him is based on the whole image of this person: his looks, his voice, the way he talks, walks. Topics fall into some kind of superficial common interest, e.g. the occasion and the task etc. In this way, each […]