Celebratising Relationships – Are You A Kate Or A Rhianna?

  • Celebratising Relationships – Are You A Kate Or A Rhianna?

When you think of your relationship

Who would you prefer to compare yourself to? The fairy tale romance of Prince Wills and Kate, or that of the somewhat troubled Rihanna and Chris? Most people would say Kate and Wills of course, but it’s important to realise that no relationship is perfect, and even Kate and Wills had their ups and downs in the beginning. When looking at your own relationship try not to get too caught up with the fairy tale, and equally don’t rely on the thought that if it’s meant to be then it will be. Many young people thought this way, decreasing in number as they got older. How do you see your relationship and is it a healthy representation, or more like a fairy tale version? Let’s find out.

Wanting the celebrity relationship

At the moment it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the lives of our favourite celebrities and more importantly their relationships. Celebs Tweet, Facebook and Instagram their every move with their partner, pop princess Rhianna being one in particular who constantly updates with pictures of her and on-off boyfriend Chris Brown. But because these photographs and statuses are always tinged with the luxury of a celeb lifestyle – often Rhi Rhi and Chris will be lounging on a lavish yacht for example – it often distorts the reality of real life relationships, and some of us can be left disillusioned with what to expect.

Relationships Are Developmental

What’s important to realise if you find yourself comparing your own relationship to either a celebrity or friend’s relationship is that every relationship is different and different people develop feelings and desires at different times to others. So while one friend may have got engaged after just three months of knowing their boyfriends, or a celeb chooses a cohabitation relationship after three weeks, it doesn’t meant that you and your partner need to rush or will be ready for that stage too. There’s no right or wrong way with relationships, they develop at different times and rates.

Young people would rather have a relationship like Kate and Wills than one like Rhianna and Chris, which is understandable – the royals have the perfect fairy tale thing going down for them. But when you’re dreaming of Prince charming coming to sweep you off your feet just remember not to compare yourself too much to the celebs, royals and friends out there, because your relationship is unique and brilliant, just the way it is.

Wanting Friends’ Relationships

Do you have a friend who constantly fills up your Facebook feed with gushing love notes to her boyfriend? Perhaps she’s always uploading pictures of them dining out on Instagram or reeling off lists of the amazing, totally gorgeous presents he bought her out of the blue? If this sounds familiar you may have toxic friend syndrome and it’s probably causing your relationship unnecessary stress. If this is the case just remember your relationship is totally different to your friend’s, and that people rarely if ever post negative things on social networking sites – they want the world to see how happy they are, but the reality could be much more normal.

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