Why First Love is Memorable

When we were young, we were capable of falling in love. We didn’t date much. Someone attractive was good enough for us to fall in love with.


The first love was memorable unless your first lover truly disappointed you. It seems that you can’t love someone else so much. It’s not that how great your first lover was, but that how capable you were of strongly feeling the love.

The first moment you fell in love, the first kiss, even the first orgasm, and the first time you fell in love online, all of them were memorable. Unfortunately, you can’t experience the same a second time.

The feel of love is like the feel of a drug. The first time a small soft dose could have an unforgettable effect on you. But later on only harder drugs and larger doses can give you that same effect.

Love is the same; sex is the same. That’s an unfortunate fact.

If you are looking for such effect, then you’ll end up dating different people one by one, and be disappointed again and again.

Do you believe that there’s one super man or woman who’s superior to others out there for you, so you’ll keep such strong feeling of him or her forever?

We are all just ordinary human beings.

Prem says:
September 7, 2013 at 1:36 pm
The best experience in this world is falling in love with someone and if that someone is your first love then it would be awesome thing one can ever get in this world. But all are not blessed with their first love forever, it does not mean that one should never fall in love again and yea I know first love is first love and nothing can beat those feelings. But since we are human beings and have a tendency to change and adapt to a particular situation it’s better to move on rather than waiting for better and better. You might have heard this love those who love you ,don’t run behind love make the love run behind you. I think it was too much to say ;). But this is what I feel at this moment. 🙂

Zzlow says:
September 8, 2013 at 5:12 pm
I don’t think the answer is in the other person, but in one’s own capacity to love, to be passionate, and to grow.

If you’ve lost that, you need to find it in yourself again, no one else can do it for you. You could meet the “special person” (I don’t think there is just one, many people fall in true love again after being widowed, for instance) and not give them the opportunity or attention they deserve because you’re looking past them to chase an adolescent idea of infatuation.