The Five Photos To Pick For Your Online Dating Profile


Online dating in theory makes the dating game much easier

Online dating in theory makes the dating game much easier. No longer do you need to trawl clubs and bars to try and find a potential date, and no longer do you have to try and learn everything you can about someone in five minutes over dinner.

With online dating you get the option to browse through potential partners as easily as you might browse through clothes. You can put forward your best attributes and you can look for people who are like you even before you contact them. In some cases that side will even be taken care of for you.

But that’s not to say that online dating is completely a walk in the park – and there are still some aspects that can actually be quite tricky. For instance, trying to decide on which pictures to put on your profile can be a nightmare as you try to show every side of yourself without looking staged or vain.

To help you out then, here we will look at the pictures you should choose for your profile. If you tick each of these boxes then you will have covered the major bases and you should find that you make the right impression…

The ‘Normal’ Picture

Your first picture should be of you how you really look. This is important as anything else will essentially amount to false advertising. Make sure then that you have at least one picture that shows your cute and ‘every day’ side. This shouldn’t be a selfy – even though those are fashionable now they’re still just too self-conscious. Rather look for something where you’re sitting in your regular clothes maybe reading a book or just smiling at the camera. This will give the truest indication of who you are, and it will make it easier for the guys looking to imagine dating you and snuggling up on a couch.

The Hot Picture

That said, you should still make sure that you have at least one picture of yourself looking dolled up and hot. This is the one that the guy can perv over and it’s the one that will help you beat off the competition. Remember though, hot doesn’t mean slutty: you don’t want to attract that kind of guy anyway.

The Friends Picture

Another necessity is to have at least one or several pictures of yourself with friends whether that means being out on a night out, or whether it means just you and your besty together. This shows that you’re popular and sociable, but do try and stick to same sex friends to avoid creating any insecurity.

The Travelling Picture

Some people will cover their dating profiles with pictures of themselves travelling thinking that it shows how interesting and worldly they are. Actually though it tends to just come across as showing off and will make you look a bit ostentatious. No one wants to date someone that they think is never going to stay in the same country for longer than five minutes. Just one travelling picture then is recommended, which will be enough to show that you’re a little cultural and that you get out and about. (Plus if you’re somewhere hot and sunny then your viewers can end up associating you with that sunny and happy vibe – like Pavlov…).

The Hobbies Picture

Another important picture to include is one of you engaging in a hobby or interest whether that’s playing an instrument, ballroom dancing, watching football or knitting. Whatever it is this will once again tell people that you are interesting and better yet it will give them something to talk with you about.

Now you have your five pictures, make sure that you look attractive in all of them, and that they are as varied as possible. Little things you might have missed such as the fact that you’re wearing the same jumper in two photos can be enough to make guys pause for thought. You should also try to make sure that all of the pictures are recent and you should never try photoshopping them or applying Instagram effects – just be honest and natural.

It’s a tough old job but now you get the fun part – judging everyone else’s pictures!

About the author: Emma Jones, the author of this post is a fashion and style expert. She enjoys expressing her experiences through her articles that are very informative.

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