Her Smile Made Everything Worthwhile

    As Christmas drew closer, I quickly found out that my wife was getting busier. Our hours together began to dwindle due to other obligations. I couldn’t blame her; it was her office’s busy season and people relied on her to help out.

    I began to miss her more and more as each day rolled by. Don’t get me wrong. We still had some time to ourselves but we just didn’t have the energy to do what we used to do. It didn’t take long for her to comment on how tired she was and how she couldn’t wait for the month to be over; with this in mind a plan began to form. I couldn’t let matters stand; how I wished to make her happy.

    The Candles

    It took some research and shopping but my preparations were finally complete. I called in sick so I had time to get everything perfect. I had the pathway from the front door all the way to my dining room covered with candles. I know it’s cliché but it’s something my wife would appreciate. It did take me a while to light candle after candle but I knew it would be worth it, to see the smile on my wife’s face.

    I did one final check: the roast was just done, the wine was cooling and the candles that would lead my wife to my arms were all burning brightly, their scents spreading a wonderful aroma around the house.

    The Mistake

    However, I noticed one crucial mistake. In my haste to get everything ready, I forgot to close the window shades. My wife would be able to see the candlelight before she even came into the door; that just wouldn’t do. At that moment, I heard the telltale sounds of her driving up the driveway. In a panicked rush I tried to close the last window shade, but it didn’t budge. I had forgotten that the particular window shade needed to be replaced.

    It just wasn’t fair all my work undone by a window shade, so I tried a lot harder than I should have. That shade closed halfway but this made me stumble until I hit the coffee table. A careless elbow later and I heard the sound of breaking glass. A few of the candles that I had bundled up earlier were now on the floor. I hurried to put out the lit candles on but the damage was done; there was hot wax on the hardwood and carpet. I just broke down at that point, frustrated and angry.

    Her Smile

    My wife entered, took one look at the candles, then at the mess on the floor and just smiled. It wasn’t her usual smile; it was the smile that she reserved when she was happy. She inched closer giving me the hug that I needed and said thank you. Suddenly everything was okay again. She said she loved me and that I was a silly man; I laughed. We left the mess for the next day and enjoyed each other’s company that night.

    Later on, I inspected the hardwood and knew that If I scrapped off the wax the hardwood would be damaged, so I thought replacement was the solution. A stupid window shade would give me so much trouble; heck it almost destroyed my night. Well I guess it’s a lesson learned that window shades need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

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