How Not To Date a Video Game Addict


Addiction is a very difficult thing.  Most people think about alcohol or drugs when this topic is brought up. Many experts on addiction have begun to realize that people can be addicted to video  computer game playing.  There is growing evidence that people are spending considerable time being consumed with playing these games.

For you, there is someone new in your life. You discover he plays video games obsessively, morning, noon and night. Finding out that the person you met is a video addict, makes you have to decide if it is  worth your time to invest in the relationship. No matter how much support he or she receives, anyone who has dealt with addiction knows it is a very difficult thing for someone to overcome.

Video Game Addiction – What Does It Look Like?

Addiction to games comes in various forms. Some people get addicted to games that provide them a sense of winning or succeeding. It is this sense of power that gives them achievement over something in their life. This person needs to feel that he is successful. Video games gives him the outlet to have power over an enemy or game villain. This person may become addicted to multi-player games. These games give him a way to socialize and feel powerful anonymously. He stay engages in playing video  games that lasts for hours. During these times, the focus is excessive. His interest in normal everyday activities, like eating and sleeping, declines. He respond negatively to anyone who interrupts him, while he is playing.

How Not to Date an Addict

Problems arise when one person in the relationship is addicted to video games. It is noticeable by the other person, that there’s a lack of attention to their needs. Quality time together is no longer a priority. There is a lack of interest in couple activities, and with no meaningful interactions, the relationship is hanging on by a thread. Without being involved in the game activities of the other, you feels neglected and disrespected. It becomes increasingly clear to you that the games have replace you as the object of his affection. You have discovered that you can not possibly compete with these mesmerizing games. These games creates exciting adventures on the screen for someone to become a game addict.

What to do about someone addicted to video games?

1 – Communicate how you feel – but avoid nagging. Trying to get a gamer to stop playing completely, is unrealistic. It won’t get you anywhere, unless he wants to quit. Instead, tell him how you feel about the excessive about of time he gives to playing games. Let him know that you want to be with him where the two of you can do other things together. Express that you feel the two of you are drifting apart.

 2 – Need for Change – In order for a relationship to succeed, something needs to change.

If the person you are involve with doesn’t recognize a need to change his addictive behavior, then it presents a serious problem to the relationship. You will have to decide, if you want to continue the relationship. Without a willingness on the part of the other person to work toward change, you won’t get what you need to maintain the relationship. He has to recognize the seriousness of the problem and the need for a change. If not, you have to make it clear to him, that the relationship cannot continue in its current state of his addictive video playing.

If he agrees to change, come up with a schedule that works for both of you. Make sure it includes time away from video games. It is not about making your partner stop playing video games altogether. It about setting priorities, where both your needs will be met in a satisfactory way. Be considerate of their interests too. But, help the relationship remains strong through talking things out, and reach toward a solution you both are willing to accept

3 – It’s time to walk away – Unfortunately, even with all the conversations and plans to change, a video game addict may not be able to tear himself away from the lure of gaming. In the end, choosing a video game over you clearly demonstrates that he is not ready or able to be in a positive committed relationship. It’s a difficult thing—but you may continue to experience repeated addictive behavior from your partner. The cold hard reality you have to face, is, it’s time to walk away.


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