Impress Your Lady Without The Embarrassment Of Low Cash

Want ideas on how to impress your new lady without the embarrassment of low cash? Do you think a first date shouldn’t cost the earth? But, you still want to make an impression?  Don’t worry guys, I have the answer…


Taking your girl to the cinema is a classic first date! You can share an extra large  box of popcorn and a drink. Feel that electric jolt when your hands touch as you both reach into the popcorn box at the same time!

Just pick your movie wisely – taking a girly girl to see Star Wars on a first date might not go down so well. Ask her beforehand if there are any new movies out she wants to see, and if not, a comedy is always a winner.


Bowling will give you the chance to have a great laugh together on your first date, and is super cheap too. You’ll have time to chat and get to know each other, whilst a bit of friendly competition might see sparks flying!

Tell your date to dress comfortably, order some chips to share, and enjoy the evening ahead.

Eat Out


Eating out doesn’t have to empty your wallet, and as long as it isn’t at the local McDonald, she’s sure to love it! A meal out is a great chance to talk. If you want to come off as suave, avoid anything that makes a slurping sound as you eat it – you may want to skip the soup of the day, that’s on the menu.

Here’s another great idea! Pick her up from her house, this will give you the chance to spend some time alone together in the car.  Order a platter to share with her. This will keep it super romantic.

Eat In


An alternative to eating out, is eating in with that special someone. It is just as romantic and gives you a great chance to show off your culinary skills to impress her.  But, if you are not really a budding chef?  Ordering take-away to eat while cuddling together on the comfort of your own sofa is a cheaper version of cinema and a meal out. It gives you the chance to warmly embrace each in the privacy of your home.



There are few things more romantic than a picnic in a secluded quiet area on a warm summer’s day, surrounded by nature, with the fragrance of the grass beneath you. This is an inexpensive option for a first date.

A picnic saves you from the noisy atmosphere of a restaurant. And you don’t have to clean and tidy up to perfection, as you do when eating at home. Buy a big blanket to sit on, bring a large basket chugged with some finger food, cold drinks, and other refreshing cool treats.  This will   guarantee the two of you a wonderful time, which may lead to a second date.  And, if many more times together are fun-filled, it could result in a lifetime  of memories for you.