Lure Him In – 4 Dating Tips To Consider

We’ve all been there and are still doing that – dating. With dating comes trials and tribulations, emotional rollercoasters, giddy talks with our girlfriends until the wee hours in the morning and sometimes, when we least expect it, a diamond ring from your true love. Here are a few simple tips to lure in the man you want without going too far.  Simplicity is key!

Dress For Dating Success

With body type set aside, nobody wants to go on a first, second, third or millionth date with a woman who looks sloppy, unprofessional and oozes cheap. Fashionable styles to fit all body types, especially women looking for now have unlimited options like never before.  You can put together outfits online or venture to the local mall to get ideas on what best suits you.  Select a professional and sexy style within your budget. For example, pair a pencil skirt with a playful see-through (silk or satin) blouse, heels and a simple handbag. This way you’re leaving plenty to his imagination while remaining classy.

Again, regardless of your body type – you can play around with various styles you have in your closet by mixing and matching items. I enjoy using the site Polyvore for ideas.

Respect Feelings

All too often, women try just a little too hard, especially for a man she’s pursuing. For example, showing signs of jealousy or envy, overly flirty at any given moment and acting too clingy or desperate. STOP! Stop continuing these actions – you won’t succeed luring the one you desire and end up driving him away waving goodbye in the distance. BE YOURSELF! Reflect for a moment and think about how you act. Just like you want respect – treat him just as well.

Direct Whisper

Flirting is one of the top highlights when it comes to dating! Whip up a good story or offer a loving compliment to whisper softly in his ear during drinks or dinner. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed – start with something simple like, “you look absolutely stunning in that jacket tonight” or whisper a quality about him that you really like.

Have Your Own Life

Men LOVE a woman who is independent, has her own schedule and occasionally turns down a dinner offer because of tickets to a show. Make sure you’re staying true to your schedule and feelings. Keep him interested, keep him curious and keep him on his toes. How? Simply sending thoughtful texts or even a phone call might be a good start. You could also surprise him every once in a while. For example, say you’re going to see a ball game (even if you don’t really enjoy ballgames but he does) with your girlfriends. Later, text him informing him to meet you at a bar nearby and  grab a drink before you “leave for the game”. Make plans with him far enough in advance so he knows you’re going to meet! For guys who enjoy sports, this will melt his heart.

So Remember…

If you love your body, so will he! Keep in mind with the right attitude and self-respect, you’ll have no problems setting boundaries between your life and his until you’re both mutually ready to move forward in a serious manner. Until then, take each day slow and make every moment memorable through little romantic gestures. Never give up your independence and stay grounded! Enjoy!