Missing Link in Your Recovery

Until my last year in school, he had been one of the leading figures in our society; he was one of the young men that we looked up to for inspiration given what he had achieved at such a young age. But suddenly, misfortunes started stalking him in quick succession. First he lost his job over absconding duty as drugs started to take its toll on him. Not long after, his property was auctioned as he could no longer pay his debts. As if things could not stop there, his wife, the only hope he had left packed her goods and off she went back to her paternal home. Soon our most loved literature teacher had become the laughing stock of the community. Drugs offered more and more solace and illicit brew dens become his most preferred safe haven.

My teacher’s experience is not in isolation; millions of relationships across the world are breaking up more frequently for reasons that emanated from the decision of one of the spouses to engage in drugs. While the drugs play a major role in raking havoc in relationships, your spouse could be the missing link on your recovery path. Here are some of the crucial roles they might play to help you recover from drug abuse.


To Save the Relationship

Most people will do everything within their reach to save their relationship. Based on this account, your spouse can stand by you through the difficult moments with the drugs and bring you back to the right track as they encourage you through your concerted efforts to save the relationship.

Conform to the Recovery Schedule

When left on their own, people with drug related issues tend to slide further into the abuse of drugs. Those already on a rehabilitation path, will stumble over again if no one ensures they follow their recovery schedule. This critical role is well played by the spouses who can constantly monitor their better half and ensure conformity to the recovery schedule.

Link between Deserted Friends

When everyone seems to have deserted you, when the guilt cannot allow you to face your family, spouses can be the best link between you and your family and deserted friends. She/he can help restore confidence in your family and friends that indeed you are on the right path. Spouses can also decide when outside help is needed.

Five Year Plan

Spouse/ girlfriend /boyfriend can help draft a five year plan of the targets you can achieve together. These targets will keep you on the right track as your spouse acts as the big brother in realization of the set goals, with the assistance of a rehab center. They can also ensure the set targets are tailor made to avoid the temptations and mistakes that might have led you to drug abuse.

Finally, your recovery from drug and substance abuse will solely depend on your willingness to discard the habit. No matter how much your spouse, family and friends try, your own initiative remains the most important on which other efforts can be hinged on.