Understand Your Relationship

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Boyfriend or Parents?

How old is the younger one of you two?
high school student
college student
we both work
Who dislikes who?
both families hate each other
one family dislikes the other but the other family supports us
not sure
How long is your relationship?
6 months or less
1 year or so
2-3 years or longer
How's your love relationship itself?
we quarrel and fight but can't leave each other
we have ups and downs but still love each other
we get along well, love each other very much, and plan to get married
How strong is the parents' disapproval?
parents would rather kill themselves
parents just don't like to see us together
not sure
Reasons of disapproval:
big issue (religious conflict, bad past, big fight with the other's parents etc.)
parents think that we're not old enough to make right choice (wrong choice in the past etc.)
common issues (different education, long distance etc.)
Do you live with parents?
both live with parents
one of us lives with parents
neither of us lives with parents
Can you support yourselves financially?
neither of us works
one of us works
both of us work
What's your own decision?
not sure if our relationship is worth fighting with parents
we both believe that the other one is the ONE