Are You Really Ready to Commit?

  • Are You Really Ready to Commit?

Every single woman I know, explicitly or secretly, wants to be in a relationship. It’s an inherent need to share a life with somebody, to walk the streets hand in hand with somebody, and to come home to the loving arms of a truly special man. It’s not all that bad if you fervently wish to find that man of your dreams.

Then again, girls, let’s be very realistic!

After dating a lot of frogs in the last so many years—oh yes, we’ve all had that fair share of dating horror stories!—it’s a time to ask ourselves: Are we truly ready to commit? I know we keep thinking that if we want to be in a relationship, doesn’t it mean that we are ready to commit?

Sometimes we’re caught up with the romantic notion of having someone in our lives, but we’re not necessarily ready to give up what’s needed to be in a loving, committed relationship. Maybe these two questions will help you find out.

Are you ready to give up some of your precious time?

Career girls, listen up! Because this applies to you.

Do you often find yourself constantly cancelling dates at the last minute because something came up in the office? Do you often find yourself taking work calls during special quality time with your man? Do you often catch yourself telling your man that you’ll make it up to him next time?

Sometimes, we get caught up in meetings or corporate retreats or long, working hours. That’s completely fine, especially if you’re working on building your career. Careers are important, too. But don’t kid yourself into believing that you want to commit and settle down with someone when more than half the time, your brain is stuck in the office.

Being committed means you’re dedicated to something or someone. But if you find that you dedicate more time and effort to something else other than your man, then maybe you’re not ready for a long-term committed relationship—at least, not yet.

Are you ready to share your space?

Sooner or later, you’ll have to share your living space with your man. Moving in with somebody is a lot more complicated than you think. It means giving up half (if you’re fair!) of your space for somebody else’s stuff. Sometimes, it means letting go of some of the stuff that you’ve accumulated in the last so-and-so years of your life. You’ll find that some of your partner’s stuff fit, while others simply don’t.

Ha, don’t even get me started with clashing interior design preferences!

But that’s what commitment needs—compromise. You share your space, in the same way that he shares his. If you’re not ready to give up your stuff or your space, then maybe you ought to ask yourself why. Sure, it may be because he’s not “the One.” But it can also be that you’re not ready to be in a committed relationship just yet.

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