The 5 Telltale Signs that He Is a Player

  • The 5 Telltale Signs that He Is a Player

Many people will claim that nothing manages to hurt quite as deeply as love when things go wrong. When the possible consequences involve an indescribable amount of emotional pain the question of why we allow ourselves to put our affections on the line inevitably crosses the mind. The simplest available answer for this is that it is human nature to want to find someone to spend time with exclusively and to share your heart with.

Toying with someone’s emotions is cruel beyond any accurate description and it can severely damage a person when they are on the receiving end of this. There are some people who seem to be oblivious to the hurt that can be caused from this and those who fit into this category are often called players. It is impossible to foresee how events will transpire or what a person is truly like when you do not know them but there are telltale signs of a player to be on your guard for.

A Full-On Approach

When you are particularly strongly attracted to someone it tends to feel as if they are the only thing that really matters at that moment. It is important to point out that it is possible to mistake this for someone who is genuine but if it feels like someone is going to extraordinary lengths to whisk you away then it is possible they are a player looking at you as nothing more than a challenge.

Elusive Character

A player will tend to give the impression that they want to know all about you while at the same time being incredibly guarded about sharing information about their own life. If it begins to quickly feel as if you have shared a lot of details with this person but you cannot seem to get below the surface with them then you may well have reason to be wary. Finding out later on that they were lying or hiding something is not out of the question in this situation.

Breaking Away from Dating Conventions

In dating and relationships, it is a good idea to be skeptical about someone who seems to display an overwhelming sense of self-assurance. Confidence is good but it is advisable to look out for someone who tends to step away from the usual dating conventions of subtly showing their attraction and asking you for your number.

Wandering Eye for Others

If you are dating someone then it is certainly reasonable to expect you to be the only object of their affections. When you are out together it should set off alarm bells if you can spot him making eyes at other people.

Keeping You a Secret

There is arguably nothing that screams the word ‘player’ quite as loudly as someone who wants to keep you a secret. If you want to make it public knowledge that you are together but they are dead against it then you have a right to wonder why. Consequently, don’t be forced into anything you don’t want to do or give your affections away easily.

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