When I Realized Something Was Missing

    I’ve been single for years; my wife and I just didn’t work out in the end. As time passed and I grew older, I noticed something missing in my life. For so long my life revolved around my children but the wee little ones are already grown and have started families of their own. These days my life consisted of watching the telly and spending my days at the pub, drinking pints of Guinness. It was a good life but it wasn’t enough; there was something missing.

    What’s Missing

    It was coming home over and over to a dark and quiet house that made me realize that I was so alone. I had no one, I could only spend so much time with my children and the lads had long since outgrown me. Realizing I’m lonely isn’t easy; doing something about it is even harder especially at my age. I was in my late 50’s and didn’t know where to start. Sure, I had dated around when my wife left but that seemed like decades ago. It was my bud at the pub that told me the way. In hindsight it should have been obvious that the internet could do a lot of things after all.

    That One Place

    Dating sites, they were called. There seemed to be hundreds of them. At first it was so confusing; each site seemed to ask me hundreds of questions. I just wanted help so I could meet local women my age; was that so hard to ask? It took me a while to understand everything and to find the right websites for someone like me after googling senior dating in Dublin. In the end I settled for signing up on a couple of them. They asked me the standard questions and I created my profile. I knew it needed to be good to attract the right sort of woman for me; it was my resume and people would judge me through it.

    Some women were great to talk to, some were not, but I quickly realized that the ladies I was most interested in came from one place, a website called the 50 Plus Club. The site allowed me to talk to the women directly via chat, not that slow irritating message system that other dating sites used.

    Dublin Only

    The club seemed to have better search results for me, which was great since there seemed to be so many people that were registered from Dublin. Without the tools the website provided it would have taken me ages to find anyone interesting.

    Though, I did receive some messages from people who lived in different places. I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want the occasional meeting from a long distance flame. I wanted someone who lived close. From that point on, I chatted and flirted as if my life depended on it. There were even a few ladies I had the pleasure of meeting for dinner. They were all charmers yet none seemed to keep my attention until I met Claire.

    Perfect Companion

    It wasn’t love at first sight; I was too old for that nonsense but I do admit there was a growing attraction after every little date we went on. There was so much passion in Claire; it was in the way she talked, the way she walked and the way she smiled.

    Slowly but surely we started to spend more time together. It was little things, such as a dinner out, slow leisure strolls or visits to some place or another, but no matter what we ended up doing, we always talked a lot, or we could literally talk about nothing and still be entertained by each other. We would talk for hours; sometimes we even fell asleep, curled up on the couch talking. It was during this time that it dawned on me that Claire was the perfect companion for me and it has nothing to do with her delicious cooking either. For so long I’ve been alone and now I have someone to share my life with; it’s like a new start.

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